Hello, ALBERT!

ALBERT is a multi-platform cross-development pixel art editor, brought to you by Luigi Di Fraia (aka TCE – code) and Joachim Ljunggren (aka The Sarge – UI, UX, and testing). ALBERT allows its users to create Commodore 64 images that extend into the left and right borders of the visible screen, with sprites to display the extra pixels, using an uncomplicated drawing workflow.

ALBERT: the pixel art editor for extended Commodore 64 images by Luigi Di Fraia
ALBERT: the pixel art editor for creating extended Commodore 64 images (artwork by The Sarge)
ALBERT: PNG image import dialog by Luigi Di Fraia
ALBERT: PNG image import dialog

Designs can be saved to project files for later modification. A project file contains all work-stages, which can be exported to PNG files. The latter can then be used to produce a time-lapse to illustrate all production stages of the creative process behind a project.

Currently ALBERT can import non-native images (in PNG format) using a nearest match, an error diffusion (Floyd–Steinberg) dithering, or an ordered (Bayer) dithering approach to convert them, based on the Commodore 64 palette used for importing.
Furthermore, whereas the natural (Euclidean) distance is found to be unsuitable for color matching, a weighted alternative is available. The latter should produce results in line with expectations based on the luminance value of Commodore 64 palette colors.
Finally, a “curves adjustment” widget is provided in order to adjust each color channel separately and/or all of them at the same time.

ALBERT also provides integration with the programming language Lua, for access to scripted drawing.


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Timelapse examples

  • A playlist of Joachim’s timelapse videos is available on YouTube